Condolence & Memory Journal

It is with a sad heart that I extend my condolences to my cousins for the
loss of their mom. Aunt Bev had a sweet, shy nature. one of four sisters
whose demeanor stood to the side and allowed others to shine. She was
a kind soul who did for others, which provided a place to nurture a large
family. I remember lots of senses of humor in your family and I am grateful
for those memories. Hope you are all giving each other comfort and solace.
You are all on my mind and in my heart.

Posted by Pam Hotch - Asheville, NC - Family   August 23, 2019

Very sad that Aunt Bev has passed. She was a kind person with a good soul. It takes an amazing person to be able to raise eight good kids and do it with patience and grace. Grandpa always said that he was lucky to be dealt a hand with four queens in it. His grandkids are the ones who really got dealt the good hand. Hopefully those queens are sitting around having a nice game of bridge.

Posted by Bruce Hoffman - Walnut Creek, CA - Family   August 17, 2019

Separate from any other memories that I have of my Aunt Bev, it was of her gentle demeanor. When I or others would be leaving she would quietly tear up and then have a little smile and simple laugh. What a kind spirit. This is truly reflected in her raising 8 sweet kids.
My favorite memory is of Becky and I in St. Benedict playing paper dolls. There was always a baby in the crib, dirty diaper to change, and someone to be held, but I never a bad word or raised voice when I was there. Pretty amazing!
I am sad for her passing. I will miss her, she was a wonderful human being. DD

Posted by Debra Coogan - Golden, CO - Family   August 14, 2019

Elementary & High school. Always so calm loving and a smile on her face. Condolences to the family and blessings to you

Posted by Cindi Donaghy-Trevillyan - Ankeny, IA - Friend   August 13, 2019

I did not know Bev but feel I know her through her son Randy. My prayers are with the family and Bev today.

Posted by Kevin Pulkrabek - Centralia, MO   August 07, 2019